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About The Designer

Man relationship with arts is as ancient as history. Throughout times, every nation has presented to the world pioneers in different fields of arts. All of them shares the gift of digging for beauty in their surrounding. It is the journey that gives every artist his\her uniqueness. This is how every successful story begins..


Shahad Aljumah launched her own line in 2014 which changed the common concept of the traditional kaftans to suite the taste of the new generation. With her modern and distinctive collections, she builds a bridge where east and west meet. In 2018, Shahad took her designs to the next level where she started a new line of evening dresses. Shahad drives most of her inspiration from the woman’s nature itself. In her designs, Shahad focuses on the fabric flow in a way that harmony with body movments which reflect on the dress and show her femininity. Combining Haute couture details to the ready-to-wear dresses like fine embroidery and luxury textiles made her pieces special.

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